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Man Blows Himself up During German Music Festival

A suicide bomber blew himself up after he was refused entry into a music festival in the south German town of Ansbach. The explosive device which he was carrying in a rucksack exploded near the entrance of the venue, leaving 12 people wounded.
The suicide bomber has been identified as as 27 year old Syrian asylum seeker who had reportedly tried to commit suicide twice before.
The ISIS-affiliated media group Amaq claimed the attacker was an ISIS “soldier” in a statement the group’s supporters posted online Monday, but there is no evidence he was in contact with ISIS or directed to carry out an attack.
In the video left on a mobile phone, the 27-year-old Syrian announced his threat to carry out an attack “as an act of revenge against Germans, because they obstruct Islam,” Herrmann told a press conference. The man said the attack would be committed in the name of Allah as retaliation for the killing of Muslims. The bomber, who has not been named, was killed.

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