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Chlorine Gas Leak Kills 8 in Plateau

Yesterday Jos was once again thrown into mourning as no fewer than eight people living behind the Laminga treatment plant of the Plateau State water board were confirmed dead and  one hundred and one persons hospitalized after excess Chlorine inhalation from an exploded Chlorine Cylinder at Lamingo Water Board Treatment Plant.

The Director of Press and Media to Governor Simon Lalong ,Mr Emmanuel Nanle said, “The contamination has been contained and does not affect the water which has been supplied to Public Mains; water from the public mains is safe for consumption and is not affected in anyway by the Ariel contamination of Chlorine from the exploded cylinder,”

Speaking with our reporter, Mr Nansel Moses, a resident of the area and an eye witness said “ this is not the first time we experience such, it has happened before on a smaller scale and nobody took it serious and now nobody saying anything about investigating what really happened”.  Mr Moses who told our reporter that he experience running stomach throughout the night and was lucky to survive believes that something fishy is going on at the treatment plant. “I heard that the chlorine was tampered with, probably an inside job someone tried to steal it” he said, “chlorine of that concentration and that quantity can’t begin to leak just like that, either it was negligence or something big”.

Governor Lalong through Emmanuel Nanle while sympathizing with the families of the victims who lost their lives and the over one hundred and one affected persons currently receiving treatment at OLA Hospital, Evangel Hospital (Jankwano), Plateau Specialist Hospital and Air force Military Hospital, wishes them quick recovery.

He assured the public that government has already contained the situation and further added that the contamination has not affected the water which has been supplied to the public through the main water pipes and it safe for human consumption.

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