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Makosa Singer, Koffi Olumide is a very angry Musician

Congolese musician Koffi Olomide has been arrested at his home in Kinshasha, DRC, following a court order. The singer was deported by the Kenyan government last week after a video emerged showing him kicking one of his female dancers at the Nairobi Airport.


Footage of the incident caused a social media outcry with thousands taking to Facebook and Twitter to demand that he be thrown out of the country. Mr Olomide’s troubles have extended across the borders after the Agricultural and Commercial Society of Zambia bowed down to public pressure and cancelled his planned shows in Lusaka.

The Society said that the “disappointing” incident was behind its decision to ban the 60-year-old musician, who rivals the recording prowess of the legendary Franco (Luambo Luanzo Makiadi), the legend of Congolese music who died in 1989, but one with an explosive career characterized by violence.

On Sunday, the Zambia Association of Musicians, in a statement, announced that during his last tour in Zambia, on New Year eve 2013, Mr Olomide beat up one of his dancers and photojournalist at a music concert. He escaped a police dragnet to arrest him.

The musician has a long list of assault cases to his name. In 2008 when he was accused of assaulting a photo journalist from a local TV station in Kishasa who was covering his concert. Olumide was also arrested in August 2012 for assaulting his former music producer, Diego Lubaki, and was handed a three-month suspended prison sentence for the assault. In December the same year, the musician was accused of kicking a freelance photo-journalist, Jean Mandela, in the face during a concert in Zambia.

Olomide was again in 2012 arraigned at a French court after three of his former backup dancers filed a case against him over rape and illegal confinement.The musician denied the charges claiming the women wanted to tarnish his image for monetary gains.

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