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Malia Obama ‘Twerks’ for the Camera

Obama’s teenage daughter, Malia recently graduated from high school and is planning to take a gap year before she begins classes at Harvard in 2017.

She skipped out on the Democratic National Convention to attend Lallapalooza.
Malia was caught on camera twerking and flipping up the shirt she had tied around her waist, revealing her short shorts, while she partied with some of her girlfriends during the Mac Miller concert.

But Lollapalooza is not so quiet and calm place as it might seem to people who don’t know much about that festival.
Last year there were 34 arrests and 238 people were sent to hospitals, many for excessive drug and alcohol use. One hospital reported treating teenagers with two to three times the legal alcohol limit after they mixed hard liquor with marijuana, ecstasy or cocaine.

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