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Chinese Sports School: Training or Torture?

Pictures show and tell the story of the rigorous training process Chinese childrnen go through in search of the next Olympic gold medalist in Nanning Gymnasium, Nanning, China.
The gymnasium is said to be an incubator for the making of champions that pick up gold medals at the Olympics like they pick up grains on the farm.chinese-kids

Parents take their kids to camps like this to shape their children into world champions. One would wonder if the parents see the pains these kids go through and judge if it is really worth it. But it has been said time and time again that no pain, no gain.
In  one of the scenes one sees the instructor standing on the child’s legs and in other cases they had to painfully stretch obviously beyond their limits.

chinese children gymnastic training

chinese children gymnastic training

So far, the United states has dominated the sports in the Rio 2016 Olympics, with team USA claiming 30 gold, 32 silver and 31 bronze medals respectively, bringing the total number of medals to 93. Following behind team USA is team Great Britain, with 19 Gold, 19 Silver, and 12 Bronze, bringing the total number of medals won to 50.

China comes in at 3rd behind, with 19 Gold, 15 Silver and 41 Bronze medals, bringing the total number of medals won so far by China to 54.

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