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Brazil’s First Female President Impeached

Brazil’s first female president Dilma Rousseff has been thrown out of office by the country’s corruption-tainted senate after a grueling impeachment trial that ends 13 years of Workers’ party rule.

Michel Temer was confirmed as new president after 61 of 81 senators back Rousseff’s removal from office amid economic decline and bribery scandal.

Following a crushing 61 to 20 defeat in the upper house, she will be replaced for the remaining two years and three months of her term by Michel Temer, a centre-right patrician who was among the leaders of the campaign against his former running mate.

A separate vote will be held on whether Rousseff will be barred from public office for eight years.

Despite never losing an election, Rousseff – who first won power in 2010 – has seen her support among the public and in congress diminish as a result of a sharp economic decline, government paralysis and a massive bribery scandal that has implicated almost all the major parties.

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