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Militants Prepare for their “Next Loud Statement”

As much as the every one want to be optimistic about peace and stability in the country, it appears that a war in steadily brewing in the Southern-most region Nigeria. This revelation comes as a militant faction group called Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate has warned people living around major oil facilities in the country to evacuate with immediate effect in order not to be included in casualty figure of the militancy which may soon see a new dimension.

The group says it has marked strategic oil and gas facilities in the region that have been rigged with explosives, waiting to be detonated. the group said they had not yet detonated the explosives because of the homes that are still occupied by people in the region.
NDGJM warned the Federal Government to be wary of Chief Edwin Clark, insisting that the ceasefire declared by the elder statesman on behalf of militants was “a big fat lie, another charade.”

With the deployment of heavy military machinery and troops to core south-south states like Bayelsa, Delta, and Port-Harcourt, President Buhari’s administration has shown just how the government intends to deal with armed militants in the Niger Delta.

President Buhari, Last month said the Nigerian government will liken Armed militants as terrorists and deal with them in a similar manner to Boko Haram unless they agree to negotiate. While the Niger Delta Avengers who where at the fore front of blowing oil facilities have announced their discontinuation of hostilities in the region, the Greenland Justice Mandate on the other hand have refused to opt for a peaceful resolution of their grievances.
“When we make our next ‘LOUD’ statement, they should go after ODU, who just claimed to be the leader of the mandate,” the statement added.

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