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Russians Wake up to River of Blood

Residents of Russia’s arctic city of Norlisk have woken up to a horrifying sight of a rive red as blood.

The river has a tricky name called Daldikhan and not so many people in the world knew about it until this happened. Over the night the water in it changed its color to bloody red.

It looks like the Nile from the book of Exodus in the Bible or as one of the last days signs’ from the Revelations. For now no one knows the cause of the horrifying change. People in the city are scared. They do not know if the water they buy or get in the tubes is safe to drink or even touch. They certainly feel like those ancient Egyptians during the time Moses performed his miracles.river-of-blood

Some suspect the blood color of the river is produced by pollution. There is a large plant where they dig and purge nickel found near the city and it pours down the wastes right into the river. They get a lot of snow there in the winter time and we might see it also turning red as the blood!

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