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2 Earth Shaking Tremours Hit Kaduna in 24 Hours
Kaduna state has witnessed two earth tremours in 24 hours after just witnessing one on Sunday, September 11. Residents of Sambang Dagi in Jaba local government of the state say that they witnessed another earth tremor in the early hours of Monday, September 12.

Kwoi, the headquarters of Jaba local government area of Kaduna state, was Sunday, September 11, 2016, hit by a series of earth tremour which caused panic and confusion. Kwoi is located in the southern part of Kaduna region of the state.
Suleiman Yakubu, a Kaduna based international radio reporter disclosed that the people living in the community have considered abandoning their homes in a bid to get safety.
Samuel Aruwan, the spokesperson to Governor to the Kaduna state governor appealed for calm. He said the government has made a formal report to the appropriate authorities to investigate the development.
Sunday’s earth tremor will be the second time in two months that the ground under Kaduna is shaking. The Hayin Magina area of Ikara likewise experienced an occurrence in July, after which witnesses described it as having been a thunderous noise.

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