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Bankers Will not Loose Their Jobs- CBN Assures

Bank workers will no longer nurse fears of losing their jobs going forward, the Bankers’ Committee assured on Wednesday. CBN Director, Banking Supervision, Tokunbo Martins who broke the news at the Bankers’ Committee meeting held in Lagos, said bank workers who have been living in fears over possibility of losing their jobs should be assured that their jobs are no longer under threat.

She said:

“One of the things we discussed was about the impending retrenchment in the banking industry. So, we understand that many bank staff are experiencing fears about possible retrenchment in the industry. We discussed it among the banks and the banks are now committed to not retrenching their staff going forward. So, whatever rumours are flying around about that mass retrenchment happening or not happening, that is not true”.

Martins, also assured the banking public that Nigeria’s financial sector is safe and sound. Although she admitted that Nigerian banks are facing economic challenges, but she said the lenders have strong capital buffers to weather the crisis.

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