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Gov. Aminu Tambuwal Disbands Sharia Police

The Hisbah which is the enforcing arm of the Islamic sharia law, which had been used to target the masses, has been disbanded by the Sokoto State governor, Aminu Tambuwal after it crashed the wedding ceremony of his daughter last week.

State Commissioner for Religious Affairs, Alhaji Mani Katami says the state Hisbah Commission was disbanded due to crisis in the commission. However, Newsday reported on over the weekend how the musical instruments used during the wedding ceremony of the daughter of the governor was seized and destroyed by the state Hisbah commission.

Commandant of the Commission, Dr Adamu Bello Kasarawa said they had wanted to arrest the DJ that performed at the dinner but he escaped. He explained that what happened at the dinner was not permissible in Islam and that it was their mandate to correct anything that was against Shari’ah law being operated in the state.

The commissioner said that the state government would soon constitute a proper and harmonised leadership of the commission

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