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Barrow Sworn in, ECOWAS Troops Move into Gambia

African troops entered The Gambia on Thursday to bolster its new President Adama Barrow, as Gambians erupted in celebration at his inauguration to succeed longtime leader Yahya Jammeh, who has refused to quit.

Senegalese forces and those of Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Mali crossed into the tiny tourist-friendly country, whose army chief joined ordinary citizens celebrating in the streets seven weeks after contested polls.

Barrow was sworn in at The Gambia’s embassy in Dakar in neighbouring Senegal on Thursday after Jammeh has refused to step down despite international pressure following his December election loss.

Shortly after the ceremony, the UN Security Council unanimously backed efforts by ECOWAS to force Jammeh to hand over power, (without formally authorising military action).

ECOWAS troops halted their march into Gambia Thursday night to give former president Yahya Jammeh one more last chance to leave Banjul.

Mr. Jammeh has up till noon on Friday to leave, in the new deadline given by ECOWAS, the West African regional bloc.

If he fails to do so, the troops under Operation Restore Democracy, will continue their march into the capital. There was no resistance by Gambian troops at the border when the West African soldiers entered Thursday.

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