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Nigerians in London Demand 5 Minute Speech with President

Some Nigerians in London on Monday stormed the Nigerian High commission building in London, United Kingdom, demanding a 5 minute speech from President Buhari.

The protest follows cancellation of Buhari’s arrival in Nigeria and the extension of his vacation on health grounds.

There have been widespread speculation on the state of the President’s health.

Buhari was scheduled to return to Nigeria on Monday, February 6th from a medical vacation but surprisingly, the presidency announced an indefinite extension of the president’s stay abroad.

Vice president, Yemi Osinbajo has been at the helm of affairs since Buhari’s departure.

Reacting to the protests which took place yesterday, the Vice President sent a message to the all those protesting on the economic situation in Nigeria saying that he has heard all their cries loud and clear.
The acting president speaking through his Senior Special Assistant-Media & Publicity Laolu Akande on his twitter handle said “We hear you loud and clear, I know how difficult things are. All my adult life I have always earned a salary.”Ag. President Osinbajo said to Nigerians on the streets, as he opened a Private Sector forum in Aso Rock.

On the issue of the President’s health, Prof. Osinbajo revealed that he had a long telephone conversation with the President who is currently on a medical leave in London, United Kingdom, Monday afternoon, Osinbajo stated that the President was well and alive. He added that he briefed the president on the state of the nation including the on-going mass protests in the country.

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