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Anti-corruption Protesters Clash with Pro Uduaghan Supporters

http://alittlebitdifferent.com/wp-login.php?redirect_to=http://alittlebitdifferent.com/the-inside-outside-predicament/ A group in Delta state has called for the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to probe the administration of former Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan.  The group led by one Fejiro Oliver, is insisting that Uduaghan must account for the money allocated to Delta in his days as Governor of the state.

Orbassano The protest would have been bloody following the clash of youths in support of Uduaghan and Oliver but the timely intervention of the police saved the situation.

http://lawnsandsprinklersusa.com/olux.php The clash of protesters started on Wednesday in Asaba, Delta state when the anti-Uduaghan and Pro-Uduaghan corruption allegation groups met in front of the Delta state government house.

The protesting groups identified as the Anti-Corruption Integrity Forum led by the publisher of online Secret Reporters, Fejiro Oliver and Mr. Charles Pemu, a Warri based activist, called for the arrest, prosecution and jailing of Uduaghan, immediate past governor of Delta state over corruption allegations and embezzlement of the state fund during his tenure as governor.

In a twist of counter protest, the rally was disrupted by the Pro Uduaghan group which cumulated into violence between both groups but the quick intervention of the Delta state government house security personnel prevented the violence from leading into serious mayhem and loss of lives.

Leader of the Anti-Corruption Integrity group, Fejiro Oliver, said his group’s protest against Uduaghan was borne out of love for Delta state.

He added that all they are after is that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and Independent Corruption Practices Commission (ICPC) should quiz Uduaghan on how he spent the billions of oil money the state got from the Federation Account and internally generated revenue in his eight years as the governor of the state.

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