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UK to Reveal Identity of Nigerian Officials with Hidden Homes

The British Government will reveal to the FG information about Nigerians who own property in that country next year, a presidential aide has said.

The disclosure will include serving and past public officials of the Nigerian government. The bank account of these individuals will also be made public by the United Kingdom in 2018.

Bolaji Owosanoye, Executive Secretary, Presidential Advisory Committee against Corruption, told journalists in New York the Nigerian and the British governments agreed on the plan as a measure to step up the fight against corruption.

“There’s no doubt that rogues in government oppress and impoverish their people by corruption and this must be sanctioned by collective action.

“We need to make sure that there is no safe haven for corrupt officials to run to.

“Britain has promised that by 2018, she will provide Nigeria with the information about who owns what and where; that’s very helpful.

“These include all the houses that have been bought by public officials or accounts that are held by public officials on which they are right now not paying taxes or which they cannot explain the sources.

“So if you cannot buy a house in England, you have to look for somewhere else.

“But if all countries criminalise this, then it becomes much more difficult unless you want to buy the house on Mars,” he said.



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