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Innoson Launches Nigeria into Car Exporting Market

Nigeria is set to enter the car exporting market as Innoson Vehicle Motors (IVM) distributed 400 vehicles to Mali which is meant to increase trade between both countries.

In a tweet by the ruling All Progressives Congress, it was revealed that Innoson motors with the help of Nigerian Export Promotion Council sold 400 vehicles to Mali. The move received commendation from Nigerians who expressed satisfaction and urged the government to continue to develop internally to increase the country’s export.

the Mayor of Bamako, Mali Adama Sangaré on Tuesday, July 18, visited the minister of trade and investment Okechukwu Elenemah in his Abuja office to promote the #MadeInNigeria campaign. It was gathered that the Mayor came alongside some of his delegates from Mali to purchase 400 vehicles from Innoson Motors in Anambra.

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