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Suspected Thief Buried Alive in Ebonyi

Angry youths in Afikpo North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State have reportedly buried alive a suspected armed robber identified as Chukwudi Omaka.

Omaka along with his gang members had allegedly robbed and killed a businessman, known as Idam Ogbonnia.

Ogbonnia was reportedly killed at Amaisri community in the area.

Omaka was also among robbers who robbed a cold room known as Etuelughu, belonging to one Oko Udu Monday and another Provisions Store belonging to a businessman identified as David.

The youths, after burying the suspect alive, reportedly planted a tree on the grave in accordance with the customs of the community against anyone who committed a crime.

The tradition has been as old as the community.

A 29-year-old brother to the man who was buried alive, Gideon Omaka, told the newspaper that he did not know anything about the robbery for which his brother was killed.

He said,

“I was in my house when people attacked me and killed my brother, Chukwudi. I ran away.
“They said my brother was one of those who robbed Idam Ogbonnia in my village.
“My brother was the one who was buried alive when I ran away. The people later arrested me.

“I just returned from prison, that was why the people said I knew about the robbery that took place in my community for which my brother was accused, attacked and buried alive. I was released from prison March this year.”

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