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2019: Atiku Responds to Minister’s Remarks

Former vice president of Nigeria, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has hailed Aisha Alhassan, a minister in the government of Muhammadu Buhari, for stating that she would resign if the latter decides to continue in office beyond 2019. Alhassan, popularly called Mama Taraba, also confirmed her loyalty to Atiku and stated that she was not scared of being sacked by Buhari. In his reaction, days after the issue generated widespread controversy, Atiku said there was no better way the minister could have expressed her belief than how she did it.

He further argued that the All Progressives Congress (APC) is a coalition and as a result, those appointed have the right to be loyal to whoever they wanted. Through Paul Ibe, one of his aides, Atiku said Aisha spoke the truth.

“There’s really nothing to say. It’s like stating the obvious. The Minister couldn’t have said it any better, likewise we can’t help say it any better. “In fact, she spoke the minds of many Nigerians and don’t forget that everyone has a right of association. “Even then president is aware of the minister’s support for former VP Atiku; they (APC) know. “So it should not surprise anybody because it is not a secret that the minister has been behind us. “Let me tell you, in the federal cabinet, other ministers have their views; they have people they support. “People forget APC is coalition and when people from different background unite, you cannot expect stakeholders to forget their root. “What the Minister did was an act of courage and we thank and commend her. We advise those who share similar opinion to also speak out,”.

Meanwhile the party has called for the minister’s resignation

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