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Family of Boy who died Hanging out with Davido cry Foul Play

The family of Chime Amaechi, who died in the same car with Davido‘s friend DJ Olu, have spoken exclusively on their pain at seeing their son’s character maligned in the press.

Less than a week ago, celebrated Nigerian entertainer, Davido lost his friend Tagbo, now he has lost two other friends close to him. DJ Olu (Olugbenga Abiodun) the son of popular oil tycoon, “Dapo Abiodun” and one of Dmw crew “Chime” was found dead on Saturday inside their car.

Official report on Chime and Olu’s deaths were said to be as a result of a drug overdose after a claim hard drugs were discovered in the car. However His bereaved family has spoken out, declaring that that report was false and that the Chime was definitely not a drug user.

The older Mr Amaechi and his daughter, Sopulu spoke on camera as his distraught mother wept softly in a corner.
‘My late son was not a drug user. Like me he didn’t even drink and when he did, it was always in very small quantities. He was a level-head, nice human being.Even when he left school and started business, he would always let me know his next line of action, so I am surprised that these lies are being spread about him,’ he said.
‘Chime is not that type of person…If you see drug addicts, they don’t think straight most times…Chime is not like that,’ his sister added.Dj olu

The father went on to say he had accepted the death of Chime as a Christian who had left everything to God but seeing the lies being spread about his son, he couldn’t keep quiet.
‘I spoke to the DPO of Ikoyi Police Station when I saw the Punch story and he said investigations were still ongoing and there’s no way that can be correct. They even got the age wrong: they said he’s 25. My son that I gave birth to is just 23. He was 23 in February. We just want justice to be done,’ Mr Amaechi said.

Chime was found lifeless with Olugbenga Abiodun who was Davido’s DJ in the parking lot of the Banana Island apartment they lived in.

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