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Woman Goes into Labour on the Niger Bridge

Members of the public from the Southeast and South south who sought to return to their bases were Saturday stuck at the Niger Bridge head, Onitsha. The development followed the closure of the Bridge as a result of the local government election of Delta State.

Movement along the bridge was restricted at exactly midnight.

Drama, however, ensued in the commotion at midday as a pregnant woman who was said to be travelling to lagos suddenly went into labour and was quickly attended to by other women.

They rushed her into a car which was quickly cordoned off and turned into an emergency labour room.

The Anambra State government which envisaged the trouble the closure of the bridge would cause travellers had on Friday issued a travel advice to returnee indigenes of the state who may seek to use the bridge.

As at 3pm, the length of the vehicles in the traffic was still growing, while some motorists who sought to make a u-turn were unable to do so as they had been blocked by other vehicles.

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