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Dreaded Badoo Cult Leader Arrested

The menace of the dreaded Badoo cultists in Ikorodu area of Lagos state which has claimed many lives is being brought to an end by the officers of the Lagos police command. Recently, the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) announced that it has arrested the 34-year-old high priest of the dreaded Badoo cult infamous for serial killings in Ikorodu area of Lagos state.

The head of the cult group, Abamoyegun Omotayo, was looking sick when he was carried in by police officers.

According to a SARS Operative who spoke with with journalists, Lagosians will know the real Baddoo they have been hearing about. “When these guys start confessing, you’ll be moved to tears,” he said. Speaking on the reason why the police refused to allow journalists take pictures of the cultist, the police CP, Edgal Imohimi, told reporters on ground that the faces of the alleged ritualists were hidden from the public so that their investigations would not be jeopardised. He noted that the next phase of the investigations would be to unravel the top people who are behind the ritual killings.

The Lagos state government on Wednesday sealed off a petrol filling station, hotel and event centre belonging to a suspected Badoo cult kingpin Alhaji Alaka Abayomi Kamal.

The police, had on December 22, 2017, declared Alaka wanted in connection with series of well-orchestrated killings and nefarious activities of the Badoo cult group in Ikorodu and Epe area of the state.

Alhaji Alaka Abayomi, the oil tycoon accused of being a kinpin of the dreaded cult, Badoo denied the accusation and accused the Lagos state police command and Commissioner of police, Edgal Imohimi, of high-handedness. Abayomi, who was declared wanted by the Lagos state police, alleged that no proper investigation would be done by the state police and insisted he would not appear before the state command or the commissioner.

He urged the federal government to interfere and if possible invite security agents from Abuja to investigate the case.

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