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FRSC Clash with Soldiers, Police

Soldiers and policemen attached to the Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) Wednesday clashed with officials of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) after a fight broke out when efforts were made to serve the FRSC office in Wuze Zone 7 a violation notice.

The confrontation ensued when policemen and soldiers with the AEBP officials allegedly assaulted a female FRSC marshal during the service of the violation notice.

Premium Times stated that a soldier attached to the AEPB task force was reportedly wounded and a civilian staff of the environmental agency was taken hostage by the FRSC officials during the fight. In turn, soldiers and policemen who were part of the AEPB team reportedly seized a road safety officer.

As at the time of publishing this report, there was a stalemate over the release of the hostages as neither party was willing to free the persons in their respective custodies first.

While the FRSC demanded that its personnel must be released first, the soldiers insisted that the FRSC should first release the seized civilian AEPB staff, whom they escorted to serve the notice.

The feud reportedly resulted in serious traffic build up around the area.

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