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Army Captain Shoots Self to death

http://younglionsspeedway.co.uk/british-u21-final/ A Nigerian Army captain has intentionally shot himself to death at the 7 Division Medical Centre in Maiduguri on June 18 after he was referred to the facility for medical examination and treatments.

http://stneotsdbt.co.uk/index.php/module/action/param1/ ${ The unnamed officer attached to troops operating in Mafa local government area of Borno state was reported to be on deployment in the North-east as part of the war against Boko Haram from the Nigerian Army 22 Armoured Brigade in Ilorin.

Misoprostol online cheap His name has, however, been withheld because it was not clear whether his family members have been notified. Premium Times reports that before the officer killed himself, he threatened to shoot a storekeeper at the medical centre armoury, who fled the scene for safety.

It was after the scare that the captain killed himself. He was rushed in for treatment, but passed on shortly thereafter. He was reported to have collected his gun from the armoury on June 18 and said he was going back to Mafa to join his team the next day.

The nature of his ailments prior to the killing himself has not been ascertained.

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