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1,000 Troops Deployed to Zamfara

President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered the deployment of 1,000 security personnel to Zamfara state to stem the killings in the state.

In a statement on Sunday, Garba Shehu, presidential spokesman, said the security personnel comprise the army, air force, police and the civil defence.

Zamfara has been on the receiving end of attacks by suspected bandits.

Shehu said the personnel are being deployed to launch fierce attacks on the bandits terrorising citizens.

He also said the Nigerian air force (NAF) has begun the deployment of fighter aircraft to Katsina whose airport closest to Zamfara “to make for immediate and effective response to the menace of the bandits.”

“The president has also authorised the engagement by NAF, of advanced satellite surveillance technology to help in accurate detection of movement and locations of the bandits,” he added.

“The government had to go to this extent because of the limitations of conventional surveillance, as the use of satellite technology could make the task of NAF less problematic.”.

The presidential spokesman also cautioned opponent against reducing security to “petty politics”, saying that “doing so could only embolden the terrorists and other murderous gangs.”

Earlier on Sunday, some irate youth had attacked a police station in the state, demanding that officers should hand over the three suspected bandits arrested by the army to them.

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