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2 Days Public Holiday in Imo for Collection of PVC

A 2 days public holiday has been issued in Imo state by Governor Rochas Okorocha for the collection of permanent voters cards by residence of the state to ensure political relevance in the forthcoming general elections .

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that Okorocha, who gave the advice in Owerri on Thursday, August 9, during a news briefing, decried the poor response of Imo residents to the call for PVC collection.

The governor said that Imo had the least number of registered voters and number of PVCs collected when compared to other states of the federation. Okorocha said that failure to collect PVCs would result in low number of votes that would be generated from the state, which he said, might deny the people key positions at the federal level. He, therefore, declared August 15 and August 16, as work-free to enable eligible voters in the state to register and also collect their PVCs.

The governor further directed that markets be closed on those days to ensure full compliance and good results. The report said the governor insisted that there was no longer coalition in Imo All Progressives Congress (APC), adding: “coalition has ended and APC is moving forward in Imo.”

He added that a peace and reconciliation committee had been set up to re-unite the party in the state, noting that all but six members of the coalition would not be re-admitted into the party. Concerning the recent spate of defections from APC, he said the defectors left to further their political interest and not because of loss of faith in the party. “The defections took place two years ago is just materializing now. We knew some of our members would leave and those who left are those who should have left.

“They left mostly because of their political interests not because they feel that the APC is not the best. “As such, I don’t see it as spite but a means for them to achieve what they might be unable to achieve here,” he said.

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