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About Us is an online magazine that will enlighten the Nigerian mind on the political health of our country. We will investigate reason, search for rationale, raise a mirror to our society, uphold our humanity and build a sanctuary for human dignity.

Because Aristotle said that “man is a political animal,” we will give all Nigerians an opportunity to expand their participations. We believe that politics is not a sport that is reserved for politicians alone. We will provide a jersey and a boot for anyone who wishes to play.

We are a team of journalists, respected commentators and publishers who have come together to enhance the rights of the people to know.

We know that poverty, fear and corruption are the diseases killing journalism in Nigeria. In, we shall create an oasis free of these diseases. We shall return trust to the press.

Like Arthur Miller said, we believed that “a good newspaper is a nation talking to itself.” We will speak loudly. We will shake things up. We will carry a high-beam light to all the dark corners of Nigeria. We will report correctly.

Here good news is also news.