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Saharareporters, Nairaland & Vanguard Top List of Nigerian Websites

vanguard, and are the top Nigerian websites visited by Nigerians in the categories of online news, messageboards and newspapers respectively.

In a ranking of websites monitored by from March 27 to May 7, Saharareporters thumped all its competitors in online news. In the period of study, ranking rose by 9%. It climbed from number 30 on the overall ranking of websites visited by Nigerians to number 23. 

Within the same period, competitors like also gained in the ranking. went from 792 to 618. Other sites like went from 795 to 228. Though the period of this study covered the peak of the Nigerian elections season, sites like lost ground. Its ranking declined from 199 to 293. Also in decline was which fell from 1307 to 1706. New sites like jumped by 110%. Its ranking went from 1161 to 392 while Huhuonline went from 156 to 168. also jumped from 3434 to 671. Websites like and had insignificant number of Nigerian visitors to be ranked. The worldwide traffic ranking of the two sites is 1,574,737 and 1,469,547 respectively.

The most visited Nigerian website is however not a news site. It was, a messageboard. It is considered the largest Nigeria website with over 680,000 registered members. Over 600, 000 topics have been discussed on the website. It ranked number 7 on the list of topmost sites visited by Nigerians. Its worldwide traffic ranking grew from 1791 on March 27 to 1609 on May 7. For the same period, worldwide ranking grew from 8155 to 6279. messageboard is ranked 19 while Naijapals is at 69.  A once popular Messageboard called had insignificant number of Nigerian visitors to be ranked. Worldwide the website is ranked 695,651.

Amongst Nigerian newspapers, their online rankings fluctuated within this period. Vanguard, Punch, Next, Sun, The Nation and Tribune occupied the 11, 12, 19, 21, 23, and 28 positions as at March 27. As at May 7, most of the newspapers made gains in their positions. Vanguard newspaper’s online site jumped to number 10 position in the ranking. It became the second Nigerian website to crack the top ten web sites visited by Nigerians. Punch remained at number 12 while Next climbed up to number 13.The Nation climbed to 21 while the Sun fell to number 23 and the Tribune to numbers 32.

Other notable newspapers like Daily Trust, Business Day, PM News, ThisDay, and Daily Independent are ranked 58, 88, 94, 103, and 147 respectively. is ranked 54.

The top ten websites visited by Nigerians have remained virtually the same in the period of the study. discovered that while Facebook maintained its number one website, the rest of the list traded positions- with the exception of Windows live which was knocked out of the top ten by Vanguard newspapers’ online site.

Here are the top ten websites visited by Nigerians as at March 27:

1. Facebook

2. Google,

3. Yahoo,


5. Blogger,

6. Youtube,

7. Nairaland,

8. Wikipedia,

9. Twitter,

10. Windows Live.

Other interesting observations in the study were that came in at 61 while Chelsea was 217. Manchester United came in at 105. Whether that could be seen as an indication of the number of supporters these European teams have in Nigeria could not be ascertained.

The favorite porn site visited by Nigerians is It came in at 62 on the ranking of top sites Nigerians visit. On May 7, it climbed to 59. More Nigerians visit Saharareporters than those who visit

Another interesting observation made by was that Nigerians prefer to transfer money using The Costa Rica based online money transfer site is ranked 42, more than ten points ahead of PayPal. does not follow rigid disclosure requirements. It also charges $2.99 as maximum fee while PayPal charges from 2.4% to 3.4% of the amount transferred.

This study is based on figures provided by The site ranks websites on the bases of the number of unique visitors, time spent on the site, page views, searches and the number of links the site has. The ranking does not account for the activities of Nigerians abroad.

In the study period, links to Saharareporters jumped from 189 to 217 while links to remained the same at 219. This is obviously an indication that while is growing, is static. It is also an indicator that the news aggregate model of is going out of fashion as more Nigerian internet visitors are now looking for sites that break news.  is a two-week-old entrant in the online news business. It conducted this study to understand the online terrain.


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The rankings of Nigerian websites is quite interesting. However, the vast dominance of news and entertainment sites shows the level of immaturity in our Internet life. I do hope that websites with more "functional" purposes will rise and grow more popular. We need websites that cater for the mind, the intellect, business etc and that tasks people in some functional aspects. Reading up breaking news online is good. Chatting and meeting and hooking up with girls/guys online maybe good for some but it is only to be expected. That's why I see the dominance of such sites as a sign of Web immaturity. Our online activities are still primitive. We are yet to have those high-tech websites that characterise advanced societies. We'll get there. . .
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Your website is right as at the day of publication. I will like people to see more updated list of Nigeria top websites.
0 #3 Nwakaego 2011-08-27 18:25
Quoting Nwakaego:
One Nigerian website that is making waves now is
0 #2 Nwakaego 2011-08-27 18:24
One Nigerian website that is making waves now is
0 #1 Isi-ike 2011-05-18 05:41
This must be wrong- ThisDay should be up there.

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