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I'm Looking For Justice, Senator Okowa Murdered My Son- John Agbe

Senator Okowa Killed My son Authur Agbe over land dispute; All Iam asking for is justice -John AgbeA passionate appeal for justice and urgent intervention to order full investigation of the gruesome murder of late mr. Arthur agbe, a youth from delta state by senator Ifeanyi Okowa has been sent to the president by the family's solicitors; below are the details: BACKGROUND:

Our clients briefed us that sometime on the 15th of October in 2003, Mr. Arthur Agbe, their beloved son was hired by one Barrister Ikpeazu to assist in clearing his parcel of land at Ikpeazu Avenue/upper Okobi Street in Boji-Boji, Owa, Delta State.

On getting to the said parcel of land in conjunction with other artisans hired by Barrister Ikpeazu for the said work, their son and his co-workers were attacked by some men wielding various dangerous weapons ranging from machetes, daggers, iron bars etc. Our clients'son and various others were beaten to a pulp and while some of them were taken to Owa-Oyibu Police station and detained there, our clients' son did not survive the attack as he died from the injuries inflicted on him by his assailants who were later identified as members of a popular politician's killer squad with which he was known to use to settle political, land and communal disputes.

Our clients further Informed us that based on the petition of Barrister Ikpeazu, their son's employer for the ill-fated work, the then Inspector - Genera! of Police, Mr. Tafa Balogun directed that investigation be carried out on the complaint thus prompting the police to arrest some members of the popular Politician's notorious gang of murderers. While they were being detained and interrogated by the Police, the popular politician surreptitiously used undue influence as the incumbent Commissioner for Health in Delta State to get the gang discharged from the Police station and released. His actions since then in the case has been to always pervert the course of Justice and he has used all means at his disposal to thwart and prevent any meaningful investigation of the grievious and tragic events of that day that led to the unlawful killing of the innocent Arthur Agbe whose murder he allegedly instigated and for which he is still yet to be arrested, investigated and prosecuted 10 years later.


Based on the forgoing, we are passionately appealing for your Excellency's urgent intervention by ordering a fresh, unhindered .impartial and conclusive investigation of the callous and dastardly murder of Mr. Arthur Agbe to the intent that the deceased killers and their sponsors and members of his notorious gang of murderers who are well known to the Police should be brought to justice immediately, because continued delay of justice over this matter will amount to denial of justice to the grieving bereaved family as well as the
entire Agbor community.

Your Excellency, we believe that your gracious directions on the execution of the above will go a long way in bringing back sanity and restoring the confidence of the people of both Agbor and Owa communities in Delta State who have been serially inundated with heinous atrocities carried out by the Popular Politician (a serving senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria) using members of his infamous gang of murderers who as it were seem to have cowed and muffled all well-meaning and decent voices who had hitherto spoken out against his nefarious, villainous, devilish and wicked perpetration of man's inhumanity against the good and law abiding people of these towns who believe and have fully accepted and supported the uncommon transformation leadership strides being offered to them by your administration.
The only hindrance to their full enjoyment of these transformation dividends is the distracting and destructive activities of the popular Politician and his gang.

As at today, the members of this killer squad have several cases pending against them at the Nigeria Police Command, Asaba, Delta State.
These are as follows:

Attack on one Hon. Friday Okoh on the 29th of March 2014 - who was caused serious bodily harm coupled with complete destruction of his Honda Pilot Jeep.
Attack on one Mrs Igbeki - pending matter at Police Area Command Asaba.

Alleged rape of students at Delta State University Abraka - which matter still pending at State CID Asaba.

Illegal demolition of building owned by Mr. Raymond Eneko in 2013 - matter pending at the State CID Asaba.

Attack and destruction of one Mr. Ogbodo's motorcycle - which was set ablaze in 2012.

2009 - Attack on Barrister Ifeanyi Agholor and his father Barrister J.K. Agholor - the matter pending and currently being suppressed at Police office in Abuja.

2011 - Attack on Ambassador (Chief) Godson Echiegile at Owa Alero during the House of Representatives – Ika constituency election - case pending at State CID, Asaba.

The most recent on 18th May 2014, was the attempted murder of Mr. Sunday Okonye at Marriere Street Agbor by members of the same killer squad.

Also sometime in 1998, One Mr Lopez was also allegedly killed in Abraka at Kingsley Emu Hostel when he went to collect a debt from Hilary Ibegbulem on behalf of one Rotimi Rotex.

The Police and Delta State University declared one suspect wanted and after which he absconded from the university.
With the greatest sense of responsibility your Excellency, none of these cases have been fully investigated, not to talk of prosecution of those involved. The reason adducible is the popular politician's overbearing negative influence on the entire Nigeria Police Command in Delta State as he uses same to obstruct as well as scuttle any positive step made towards full investigation and prosecution of those cases and the offenders therein.


Your Excellency, we sincerely believe that you are God-sent to our dearly beloved country to sanitize and transform the entire polity and usher in a new era of peace, justice and equality of all citizens before the law. The Augean stable must be cleaned up by calling to order all those who are lawless and engage in acts of impunity and disrespect to our people - the constituents from whom all great leaders like you, our dear President derive their sovereign authorities.

Hence your Excellency, it is premised on the above background brief that we passionately implore you to graciously come to our rescue by directing the appropriate authorities to investigate all the complaints raised in this appeal and prosecute any person found culpable in the commission of the
While thanking your Excellency for your urgent intervention, please accept the assurances of our esteemed regards and prayers.

Yours faithfully.
Charles ChimezieEsq
Counsel to the Agbe Family CC:
1.    Vice President, Federal Republic of Nigeria.
2.    Senate President, Federal Republic of Nigeria.
3.    The Inspector General of Police.
4.    The Chairman B.O.T POP.
5.    The National Chairman. Peoples' Democratic Party.
7.    The Executive Governor, Delta State


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0 #1 Dr. Boniface Chizea 2014-07-02 07:57
Democracy cannot thrive against the background of wanton impunity. No one should be considered above the law as the rule of law is one of the hallmarks of democracy. If this matter has been going for over ten years then it will correct to admit that justice has already been denied!

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