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AG Advocates Neuro Tests for Nigeria Police

police brutality 300x200The Network on Police Reform in Nigeria has called on authorities to ensure that disciplinary measures are taken against security operatives who abuse and torture innocent suspects.

Addressing a gathering in Kaduna, the Chairman of Network on Police Reform, Mr. Andy Nkemnem observed that many perpetrators of tortures often go unpunished while the victims are often denied justice.

The Attorney General of Kaduna state, Jonathan Adamu advocated that every policeman should be subjected to psychological and psychiatry test every six months in order to reduce incidents of extra-judicial killing by the police who ought to be a symbol of national security.

Suspects are abused by both the regular and special security outfits in the country and in many cases, the perpetrators often go unpunished.

Participants urged authorities to ensure that culprits are fished out and to erase the stereotyped image of the police.

The Director, Police Promotion of the Police Reform Commission, Ben Iwambe advocated that the Network on Police Reform in Nigeria and the Human Right Commission should also examine the vulnerability of the police officers and see the tribunal as a reform and not a criticism of the police whom in most cases are also abused and battered in the line of their duty.



+1 #1 Tobe Nnamani Rev. Fr 2011-09-15 18:34
The Reform is a welcome development if it is carried through with honesty. The idea of conducting psychological and psychiatric test is also very important because the impunity of the police force in Nigeria is a grave danger to the citizens of this country. One only needs to take a look at the activities of the police on the road. They harass, intimidate and beat up innocent people and go scot-free. The police in Nigeria behave like an occupation force. The impunity with which the police extort money from commuters was well documented by Intersociety an NGO a few last year. However, only a few months of respite took place when road blocks were dismantled. Now with the threat of terrorism, the road blocks have reappeared again and of course the normal extortion in broad day light continues. This illegal toll collection on the road sticks out like a festering sore-toe and degrades Nigerians.

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